marți, septembrie 19, 2006

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I am a modern man. I understand the basic principles that govern society. I support people and ideas. I support progress, development and production. I support industry, I support the unequal distribution of goods. I support capitalism and the free market. I firmly believe that competition for limited resources is the only force that drives humanity forward, that determins the permanent evolution of mankind - the last remaining constant of our everthriving world.

I do not reject corporations as a concept. I believe corporations are the cornerstones of our entire civilization. What I do reject is corporations that lie. Don't get me wrong, I'm not troubled by the truths they are hiding, the mere idea of being lied to upsets me. I don't have a grudge against corporations that destroy the environment, that use third-world countries as sweatshops in order to manufacture their goods more cheaply or that lay off thousands of people. I have a grudge against corporations that don't have the balls to come out and say: "Yes, we kill plants and animals and we will continue to keep killing them until there is no wildlife left on this planet. We don't feel guilty for this as we feel technological advance and the development of an industrious civilization is a good enough alibi for all the damage we cause. And you can't do anything about it because, without us, you would starve, you wouldn't have any money, you wouldn't have clothes, cars or any household items - because without us you would die."

Yes, that is a cruel, but true situation, a brutal, yet accurate description of our current status quo. I don't mind cruelty as long as it is accompanied by honesty. It is only fair that people who cause harm have the courage to acknowledge that harm and assume certain responsibilities for it. I feel it is the right thing to pursue profit as long as you make that goal clear to everyone else. The means by which you achieve that profit are of no concern to me unless I am directly afflicted by any haphazardous measures you might take.

Given these premises, I have one question. Why in God's name do people still bother to convince me that Rosia Montana is worth saving?


Blogger Lucifyre said...

You're full of shit. :D Liked the writing though.

9:55 p.m.  

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