sâmbătă, septembrie 16, 2006


Like any consumer whore, i'm a sucker for well-designed brands. These are the brands I not only managed to relate to, in time, but which are also an allround constant of my life. These are the brands that surround me when I eat, sleep, work or go out. However disgusting I might find the entire corporate paradigm, I find myself all but a slave to marketing and PR departments of major corporations. I must consume and, when it comes to consuming, I have my preferences.


Anonymous miriapod said...

oh yes, and you're a high class consumer whore too :)

trebuie sa recunosc, si eu am o slabiciune la nokia.
in multe cazuri (cum e cu nokia la mine), nu e numai un slogan sau PR planuit brici, din fericire are mare legatura cu insusirile produselor.
let's not give them so much credit.

kfc food is tasty, isn't it? :)

1:28 a.m.  
Blogger Woland said...

it's better than that McDonald's crap, anyway. and, besides, KFC doesn't make me sick. si, da, ai dreptate, de multe ori anumite branduri se impun si prin calitatea produselor, dar datorita advertising-ului ajungi sa cumperi si sa descoperi acea calitate. high-class consumer whore? i'm just your average shopping-addict :D

4:28 p.m.  
Anonymous Cosmin said...

kfc makes me sick, but it tastes good :D

hmm, this post kinda reminds me of this: http://blog.oricum.ro/2006/08/16/whats-your-lovemark/

5:16 p.m.  
Blogger Woland said...

a aparut si o carte care se cheama Lovemarks. de-acolo am furat si eu ideea ;)

9:33 p.m.  

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