miercuri, noiembrie 29, 2006

Can it get any better?

I've always been a sucker for pretty Japanese girls with great voices.

marți, noiembrie 28, 2006


Se apropie cu pasi mari Ziua Nationala. 1 Decembrie. Cred ca putini sunt cei care mai stiu de unde provine insemnatatea acestei zile si inca si mai putini cei care stiu ca Ziua Nationala nu e pe 23 august. S-o primim cum se cuvine - sa ne vindem voturile pe sarmale, fasole si carnati. Ca in fiecare an...

luni, noiembrie 20, 2006

Who's next?!

Am onoarea si placerea sa v-o prezint, mai ales acelora dintre voi care nu citesc ziarele, pe viitoarea doamna deputat si consilier de imagine al liderului PRM V.C. Tudor, ilustra, prea-siliconata si telenovelistica Oana "Querida" Zavoranu.

Ea va candida pe listele PRM. La cum voteaza romanul cu Vadim ca le da stadioane si mitraliere, probabil isi va gasi un fotoliu in Parlament. Ea va reprezenta populatia Romaniei, va decide pentru ei, le va da legi bune si luminoase, care par naturale la atingere, dar nu sunt. Ea va manca ciorba si friptura cu 15 mii de lei la cantina Parlamentului. Tot ea, ca daca nu ea, atunci cine?, va ridica nivelul de activitate, atentie si daruire in munca al tuturor colegilor de Camera.

Sa ne ridicam frumos in doua picioare si sa aplaudam, sa ne bucuram ca, in sfarsit, dupa atatia ani, ne-a lovit si pe noi norocul si o sa avem o parlamentara capabila. De orice. Who's next?

sâmbătă, noiembrie 18, 2006

Why, oh why...

...am I not a cool person? Why am I not into anime and otaku stuff? Why am I not a trendsetter? Why don't I talk about fashion all the time? Why don't I advertise - something, anything? Why don't I dress nicely for fancy occasions? Why don't I pay 100 dollars a week to a famous hairstylist? Why don't I go clubbing to Bamboo every Saturday night? Why don't I wear Catalin Botezatu's latest gym-line? Why don't I own a fast sports-car? Why don't I have a 500 dollars watch? Why do I own only one suit? Why do I wear glasses? Why do I watch all the movies that DON'T run in theatres and listen to all the music that MTV DOESN'T play? Why don't I watch TV, goddammit? Why don't I use Axe bodyspray? Why don't I play videogames every day? Why do I still go to school? Why don't I have a blonde bimbo girlfriend with big tits and small brains? Why don't I get invited to social events outside my group of friends? Why don't I run an underground online radio station? Why do I actually belong somewhere, next to someone? Why do I actually have my own life instead of exposing myself in a damn aquarium, in the limelight? Why doesn't Romania know about me? Why don't I try to save endangered species? Why don't I do something for the people around me? Why don't I get lips, nose and boob-jobs and then become a senator? Why don't I have cool pictures on my blog? Why don't I even have stupid cathegories on my blog? Why don't I show up in any bloggers' made traffic statistics? Why, oh why?

Daca vi se pare ca am atins mai sus trasaturi ale unor categorii sociale distincte si diametral opuse, you're more perceptive than I expected. Daca nu, God help ne not to become emo or something.

Nasty business.

miercuri, noiembrie 15, 2006

I am...

...very sick. I hate you all. No, I'm not dying, but I wish I were.

sâmbătă, noiembrie 11, 2006

Des visages, des figures...

Elle a su, simplement
Enfermer mon coeur dans son appartement

vineri, noiembrie 10, 2006

Pain, even agony...

...is nothing more than information before the senses, data fed to the computer of the mind.

joi, noiembrie 09, 2006


miercuri, noiembrie 08, 2006

Kiss This

marți, noiembrie 07, 2006

Masked Ball

sâmbătă, noiembrie 04, 2006

busy, busy, busy

De la o vreme weekendurile mele au devenit mai incarcate decat celelalte zile ale saptamanii. Does anyone know a cure for workaholism?